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Private Client

As a private individual you may not have the access or buying power to negotiate a competitive market rate of exchange from your bank, which is where Finatrex can be your most advantageous solution.

In today’s rapidly expanding and competitive global market we recognise the need that you will want to get as much for your money as possible.

We have identified that by using a foreign exchange broker when transferring your funds abroad or trading foreign currencies, you could save hundreds if not thousands of pounds and even more if you forward plan your foreign currency rate.

Overlooking the dangers of foreign exchange can be a costly experience as this example below shows:
A property costing $250,000.00 purchased on 3rd May 2019 would have cost £190,115.00. However the same $250,000.00 purchased on the 3rd June 2019 less than one month later would have cost £197,630.00 – a difference of £7,515.00

Rather than leave this hidden but very real danger to chance, you may want to contact us or navigate around our site, where you will receive up to the minute services from currency specialists who will be able to unravel and explain the complex markets that govern exchange rate movements. Trading through Finatrex can be a cost effective alternative to the high street bank, where we offer a free service including better rates of exchange, no commissions and will even pay for the cost of your international transfer which may total up to £40 per transfer.

As part of our service we would like to introduce you to our treasury team, who are based in the heart of London’s financial district, and execute our trade and payments for your benefit.
Exchange figures regularly show they are one of the largest executors of exchange-traded business. They serve hundreds of thousands of people and companies, processing over $1bn a month.

Combined we employ some of the most experienced market professionals, who typically have eschewed working for large institutions in favour of an institutional treasury house, which gives Finatrex the leverage to offer you not only competitive prices but moreover highly informed market data, thereby giving us the edge in the market.

Through our partnership with Ebury, the treasury services offered are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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